What was inside Blockbuster Kit 2015:

  • Boom 2


    World’s most advanced
    app for sound boosting.

    More about Boom
  • Beamer 3


    The first and the easiest way to stream any movie to Apple TV.

    More about Beamer
  • Waltr


    World’s fastest way to get
    any movie into your iPhone & iPad.

    More about Waltr
  • Elmedia Player PRO


    One of the best ways to watch movies on your Mac.

    More about Elmedia

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Customers purchased Blockbuster Kit 2015
THOUSANDS (not disclosed)
Number of Apps in the Kit
   4 Mac Apps
Availability Period
25 days Nov 25, 2015 — Dec 15, 2015
Value of Apps in the Kit
Total Kit Value $90
Kit Regular Price
-67% Off Value $29.95
Not Available
Next Blockbuster Kit 2016 Release Date
in 2016 [TBA] Notify Me

4 Makers’ Story [participants of the first Blockbuster Kit]

  • Sergei Frankfurt
  • Eelco Amsterdam
  • Guru Bangalore
  • Josh Chicago

“We — as indie developers of our Mac apps, got together to bring users an awesome event for the 2015 Thanksgiving weekend. It was a blast. We've never imagined that our idea to bring a single kit consisting of blockbuster apps in the same category, could be so satisfying for the users. We're sad that it's now over... And if we could — we would definitely do it again!
If you get a chance to participate in the next Blockbuster Kit or to acquire one for yourself — don't think twice. Do it.”

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What Was Inside Blockbuster Kit 2015:

An App To Watch Movies on Apple TV

Beamer 3 for Apple TV and chromecast

Beamer 3

Stream directly from your Mac to Apple TV and Chromecast

Enjoy your video files on your TV with Beamer. Stream video files of any format to play natively on your Apple TV and Chromecast, in HD and with full surround sound.

Regular price

Learn More It was available inside
Blockbuster Kit 2015 for $29.95

An App To Push Movies Into iPhone & iPad

waltr app for mac direct converter

WALTR for Mac

The FASTEST way to put movies onto your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

WALTR will get the videos onto your iPhone or iPad with the minimum of fuss & make them playable in the Apple's factory pre-installed Videos app without worrying about file types or iTunes.

Regular price

Learn More It was available inside
Blockbuster Kit 2015 for $29.95

An App to Make Movies Sound Louder on Your Mac

boom sound enhancing app for mac

Boom 2

The best system-wide audio booster and equalizer for Mac

Boom 2 makes everything sound LOUDER, CLEARER and BETTER! This is perfect for use with YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and literally everything else that has audio coming out through your Mac.

Regular price

Learn More It was available inside
Blockbuster Kit 2015 for $29.95

An App to Enjoy Any Movie on Your Mac

Elmedia Player Pro

Elmedia Player Pro

Powerful video player which plays everything.

Elmedia player for Mac is a video player, which can play virtually all media files on your Mac., including support for SWF Flash files, and it also has support for downloading movies.

Regular price

Learn More It was available inside
Blockbuster Kit 2015 for $29.95

Total value was: $90.00

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